Want to know what common information circulating on the internet about fake watches is false? Here are five of them to help you learn more about replica timepieces.

Many articles are discussing effective ways to spot fake watches. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it looks to differentiate genuine timepieces from counterfeit ones. Counterfeiters are getting more serious, expert, and good when making imitations, so it is almost impossible for people to tell it is fake easily. In the trade, these 100-percent-authentic pieces are called super fakes. To know further about fake watches, here are some myths that might make you believe you’re buying the real ones while you’re actually buying replicas.

Two Types of Buyers

Before we discuss common myths about fake watches, we must first understand that there are two types of buyers when it comes to cloned versions. The first one is those who are aware they are purchasing counterfeit models. Their reason is mostly that the real one is costly. Since they want to sport the luxury and popular brand but can’t afford it, replicas are alternative options.

The second type of buyer does not realize that they’re actually buying imitations when they are expecting genuine products. Not all sellers are uprights about timepieces they put on sale. The first type of buyer is, however, bigger than the second type of buyer. Hopefully, this article will help those who want to buy the real one.

Fake Watches’ Popularity

Legal manufacturers lose billions of annual revenues because of these replica watches. Ironically, some brand companies take this as a testament to the brand market’s achievement. They consider this event raises the awareness of their brands’ popularity. But not all real companies thought the same way, of course. Others decided to spend money and effort to clear out copies of their brands.

In the meantime, more people search for these fake pieces instead of the real thing. As for timepieces counterfeiters, it is important to copy high-priced luxury items. Otherwise, they have to compete against legal producers for the same customers. Counterfeiters also are getting more and more accurate about their counterfeit products to make them look and feel almost the same as the real ones.

Fake Watches Myths

1. Fake Watches Are Lighter Than Genuine Items

Some articles might list replicas as lighter than real watches when you start searching for ways to spot imitation timepieces. It is just another myth. The truth is, counterfeiters are getting good at creating copies, so producing products with the same weight as the real one is not a big deal. It has been common that fakers use the same ETA movements as the real pieces, so weight is no longer a conclusive test.

2. No Complication

You may also hear fake watches are not complicated. Complications in luxury brands include the GMT function, the moon phase display, the chronograph, and more. However, many high-end and expensive watches don’t apply any complications other than the date. Therefore, using complications to test the fake from the real items is not always helpful.

3. Date Bubbles on Rolex

Many mention that the date bubbles often called Cyclops on fake Rolexes can’t magnify 2.5 times as the real Rolexes do. However, the game of replicas is no longer the same and is at a higher level. Even these Cyclops details are no longer difficult things to fake anymore. Even though some replicas can only enlarge 1.5 times, many illegitimate Rolexes are equipped with the exact magnification. So, depending on this is no longer an acid test.

4. Genuine Movement Indicate Genuine Watch

The heart of a timepiece that gives the watch the power to function is the movement. Another myth about fake watches says the movement on replicas is different from the real brand watch. Most luxury watches purchase their movements from the world’s largest movement manufacturer of finished and semi-finished movements, ETA. Sad to say, imposters, can obtain Japanese or Chinese movement replication or indeed actual ETA products from second hand.

5. Real Luxury Watches Are Not for Lottery Prize

Never expect to win luxury watches from a competition. Real watches are sold and inherited. So, this test is quite easy. If you win a gift of splendour timepieces, you can be sure enough that the watches are fakes.

Years ago, when we talk about fake watches, then the items are really fake. However, today, naked eyes can’t easily determine replicas because counterfeit businessmen put really hard work and accuracy into their products. Hence, you need knowledge and experience to spot imitation versions. And because the accuracy, the look, the feel, and the function of fake watches are closely the same as genuine timepieces, more people even look for replicas.