Fake Rolex creates a stronger and bigger fan base who agrees that replicas are as good as real ones. Why does the crowd get merrier? Here are six reasons that may surprise you and left you stunned.

If years back buying fake watches means grabbing cheap stuff in a holiday market, the present is now far different. Surely you still can bring home fake watches for $10, but a more sophisticated level for these counterfeit watches surely gets stronger and bigger. Replica watches like Rolexes are now so much accurate. You only have to spend around $1,000.00 instead of $13,000.00, and you can wear a fake Rolex that looks, feels, and works just like the real one. Why does the demand for Rolex authentic replicas get bigger? Here are some reasons for it.

There Is No Harm

Yes, you heard it right. Buying replica Rolex is not like buying medication without a prescription, sunglasses with no recommended UV protection, or baby toys without safety care. It doesn’t cost health risks. It is nothing different from those who buy cheap selling Chanel or Prada.
Many people don’t mind minor quality or copyright issues as long as they can buy and wear the genuine model with knock-down prices. It still gives them privilege as others might not notice they are wearing replicas. Additionally, many believe that a fake market can jack up brand awareness.

Almost Like the Real Thing

Many aspirational buyers say that the equality of buying counterfeit Rolex is like listening to music on the internet before buying the album. It gives the same satisfaction because counterfeit products are now in a higher class, unlike a few years ago.

Fake Rolex, in this case, is almost exactly like the real one. It is very much accurate to the smallest details. Because it has a high quality like real Rolexes, people are willing to pay thousands for fakes. Companies producing these counterfeit timepieces are also willing to spend dollars for research, machinery, and materials to improve the quality grade.

Fake Rolexes Use the Same Material

According to Watchfinder, who is studying fake Rolex in detail, Rolex Daytona Chronographs are made with the same top-grade metal, genuine 904L steel, which is also used in real wristwatches. Their bezel also uses real pots, and they have the same locking fashioning to the bangle. If that’s not convincing enough, counterfeit Rolex also uses real sapphire crystal.

Adding to the un-fakeable defining features of real Rollie that are somewhat eye-popping is a weirdly excellent mimic of the real Calibre 4130 introduced in 2000, a model Rolex motion. To further fool many people, these replicas have indistinguishable configurations, starting from the column wheel and balance bridge to the etching. You can also spot gold screws and burgundy-purple reversing wheels at certain points.

High-Tech Machine

Technologies are advancing. Manufacturers use 3D printing and other similar technologies to create the finest but more affordable products. These high-tech technologies help manufacturers create cloned versions that are precisely like the real ones but far more affordable.

The high technology makes rapid production becomes a piece of cake. It offers high-quality pieces with faultless accuracy that are created straight from a computer model. Things from furniture, households, and even human tissue are 3D printed.

Quality Adjustment

Rolex is widely known as among 100 power brands. Rolex is also a symbol of prestige, luxury, and power. Everything about Rolex is perfection. The company will never release a product that is not 100 percent perfect. Even the tiniest flaws are unacceptable because they will destroy Rolex’s brand and image.

However, fake Rolex doesn’t have to meet those standards. Indeed, counterfeits are nearly identical to the real ones, but trained eyes might spot a small imperfection. The great thing is, buyers can request an adjustment to those blemishes. The accustoming will later be conducted accordingly.

The Cost of Marketing

Fake Rolex’s buyers realize that watch industries spend so much money on marketing every year. Rolex also spends big when it comes to branding. You can easily spot this brand in upper circles, from golf, tennis, to Formula 1. It also affects the price of Rolex.

On the other hand, counterfeiters don’t have to follow in the same footsteps. They simply make replicas of already established brands. They don’t do the marketing, yet buyers are looking for them. So why not take the same benefit without spending so much?

Those are some reasons why the demand for fake Rolex is getting stronger and stronger. Counterfeiters keep improving in making the best replica that is almost exactly like the real ones. By releasing better products, they can also charge more for it. There is also a fan base which makes this industry gets bigger.