Rolex becomes a brand that is replicated often. How do you know which one is a replica Rolex and which is one the real piece? Here are nine expert tips that will help you to have more trained eyes.

The game of making replica has changed. If years back we used to easily tell fake things to the real ones, increasingly high-tech machines and technologies have changed those tendencies. Imitation Rolexes are among those that take replicas to the more sophisticated level. Nowadays, it gets harder and harder to differentiate replica Rolex from the genuine ones. Timepieces’ makers keep improving themselves to create products that are as close as real Rolexes. So, without trained eyes, fake Rolexes are unrecognizable. Hence, how to spot replica Rolex? Here are some expert tips for you.

Notice Your Seller

The easiest first thing you can do is by knowing your seller. Trusted and reputable dealers or sellers will only offer authentic items. To ensure whether your sellers are trusted or not, you indeed have to do some homework. You can search on the internet and look for the list of trusted and established sellers or distributors in your town. In addition, it is always better to find a seller who only specializes in Rolex.

Beware of Shopping Platforms

Some websites will claim that they sell real Rolex. Even for well-known platforms, you should still be aware because sellers are not all fair when it comes to describe the Rolexes that they sell are illegitimate. You can’t also spot the products directly so it gets harder to identify whether it is genuine or not. If you want to buy Rolex online, go to their official websites and place your order.

Metal Quality

The next tips to spot replica Rolex is from the metal used. Real Rolex uses 18k gold, platinum, or stainless steel. Note that Rolex does not use 14k gold or gold-plated bands. You can be sure that if the watches are made of faded gold or other metal below it, then it is fake. Because Rolexes are only made of high-quality metal, it will also affect to the weight. Counterfeited pieces are lighter.

The Crown

Rolex is one of the most supreme brands in the world. Rolex also becomes the symbol of prestige, luxury, and power. One of the most recognizable items in these pieces are the Crown. You can always see this Crown symbol on the side of the timepiece that is used to set the time. Real Rolex features a single metal piece while the Crown in replica Rolex consists of two pieces metal that are sticked together. You can use loupe to spot this one.


Another excellent feature of Rolex is its magnification glass window or often called Cyclops. This Cyclops is over the date. What makes this feature so special is it can magnify the date by 2.5x normal size. Thanks to the Cyclops, you can examine the date clearly as it will jump out at you and fill the entire glass bubble. However, the Cyclops in counterfeit Rolex can only magnify by 1.5x or lower.

Crown Etching at 6 O’Clock

Becoming the symbol of luxury and power, Rolex is reprinted in so many ways. Even to trained eyes, replica Rolex appears nearly exactly the same as the real one. One thing that many counterfeiters found it hard to replicate is the tiny etched crown logo at the six o’clock position. It is so scaled-down that many imitators fail to fake it and you need to use a magnifying glass to spot it. The small etched Crown appears on all Rolexes made in 2002 and forth. Meanwhile, older models accent this Coronet etching at 12 o’clock.

Rolex Tick

Are you supposed to hear a Rolex’s ticking? Absolutely not. Rolex’s battery distinguishes this watch from others. Rolex uses a battery with fully mechanical movements so you won’t hear any ticking. Other cheaper batteries cause the sound of “tick, tick, tick” strikes every second. Some Rolex models do tick every few seconds but not every second. So, if the Rolex ticks every second, you can tell it’s fake.

Inside the Watch

Look deep into Rolex’s heart and you can directly tell the difference. Real Rolexes powered by calibre 3135, a certified Swiss chronometer that has passed the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) tests. Meanwhile, the counterfeit is equipped with ETA 2824 or ETA 7750. Still, these types can’t match the high technology calibre 3135 offers.

The Writing

Not without reason why Rolex is valued at a very high price. Everything about Rolex is perfection even to the tiniest details including the writing. Experts spill out that the writing in this masterpiece should be convex and without not even a single bubbling. To look into these, use a magnifying glass and pay attention to the smallest writing. If there is any imperfection, you can be sure enough that it is replica Rolex.

We hope you find this article useful. Now you have more trained eyes, you can avoid buying the replica Rolex and spot what makes it fake.