Photo Review – Rolex Day-Date Diamonds Replica Watch

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Rolex Day Date Replica Watch

This is definitely the first one on my blog. I think this Christmas Eve there is an emerald green stone inlaid with a rolex replica wristwatch. I think it’s perfect for the holiday spirit. This is the first time I’ve seen this kind of work, and actually one of my uncles insisted on buying it, so I had to help. I think this fake rolex is the “wear it now and then” type, and you want to take it out on special days, and I think winter holidays are definitely special days.


It has a great bling it believes me. So you really want to get into this type of watch and go out and get one.  Rolex diamond shard is very expensive. And their tents attach the word “custom”. As we all know, always putting the price tag on another level. This particular model is completely the creation of the replica world, and I see it often. Finding exact clones of rolex diamond watches isn’t easy. And I’m not even sure who put all the effort into making great fake rolex Submariner watches.  Because they’re not as popular as regular models and they require extra craftsmanship to come to life.




The stones sit well on the case and dial, and I’m curious how they retain their shape in time for wear and tear. I like green dial colors and Numbers. The case is made of fully polished, gold-plated stainless steel, and the strap is brushed and polished in two colors. Crown symbols and simple time and date Settings make up the Japanese automatic movement. Date and date Windows has the same gold background, so all the details are well integrated, giving the overall look a good overall look.


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