It’s been too long since I got the rolex Datejust fake.  And I’m looking for a more unique way to replicate the rolex Datejust. I had the opportunity to review this beautiful piece. The management made my friend’s father happy too. Because he had a good quality reproduction watch and he really liked the dark grey dial and dark green number combination. The rolex Datejust watch comes in a variety of materials and dial colors and Numbers or Numbers or markers. Bezels are also of two types, so almost quality members of the rolex Datejust fake watch family will be easily available through the original. Another reason is that it is a simple watch with no complicated functions, simple dial and very classic appearance.

Rolex Datejust Gray Dial Replica Watch

Maybe the dark green Numbers aren’t so obvious, but they do have a unique look, and you can see them in video.  The 12 o ‘clock rolex sign is great, you can even see the laser edge rolex sign at 6 o ‘clock. Clean, clear, elegant watch. Table ring with dome shape, polishing treatment, very smooth. It’s a large case, if you like, the size of the man. But in my opinion, the smaller case is suitable for both men and women. It just feels different and you feel it wearing it instead of the smaller case. The bangles are double-colored brushed and polished in a riot of colors, with the rolex logo closed.

There are green holographic stickers and serial Numbers on the back, so all the details are in place and the watch looks very real. Powered by a Japanese automatic movement, the second hand can be swept, so don’t worry. Setting time, date setting is easy and the number of clicks is good when turning on the hacker mechanism. Check out video and tell me what you think of the fake rolex Datejust.